A ragtag band of adventurers is about to stumble upon a quest of epic proportions. For now, though, they're following their whims and dealing with their pasts.

Next Session: January 28, 2018


The Party

  • Arizma, a human sorcerer played by Rebecca R.
  • Serret, a half-elf warlock played by Maria C.
  • Sploosh, a kenku ranger played by Tim W.
  • Vanhook, a tabaxi rogue played by Tommy R.
  • Yewswitch, a gnome druid played by Michael P.



The Storm to Come [Get This Adventure]

A voyage by ship turns treacherous as a saboteur strikes.
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The Lost Isle of Captain Vale [Get This Adventure]

The group finds more than they bargained for on a hidden island.
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The Plight of Palmwood [Ongoing Adventure]

A tropical resort island faces a plethora of problems.
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