Kerri Whitecastle

A mother and her infant daughter


A human woman and her infant daughter


First introduced in The Storm to Come: Part 1, Kerri is the mother of the infant Rona Whitecastle. The pair was headed to Palmwood aboard the Cove Cutter when it was struck with sabotage.

She arrived in Palmwood via the Cove Cutter in The Plight of Palmwood: Part 1. In The Plight of Palmwood: Part 2, Kerri asked the party to help her find her missing sister. When the party decided they had more important matters to take care of, Kerri went searching for her sister on her own and was presumably taken by whatever took her sister. She was rescued in The Plight of Palmwood: Part 3, during which she offered to care for an infant who, on her 13th birthday, would transform into a hag.

Kerri Whitecastle

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