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The Lost Isle of Captain Vale: Part 2

Deal with a dragon

6 Flamerule 1500 DR

The adventurers continued their exploration of Vale's Keep. Treading with caution, they avoided several traps and eventually found the door to the tower said to house a bedroom where Captain Vale and his wife lived. However, the way was blocked by four specially designed locks. The group already had three of the keys, which were found on the bodies of servants, so they decided to search for the last key. They found the final key in a trapped library and returned to the lock.

They climbed to the top of the tower, where they found Captain Vale's skeleton alone in his bed. Before they could investigate further, the skeleton lurched forward — controlled by the ghost of the pirate captain. The ghost proved formidable, at one point smashing Serret into the ceiling of the tower and letting her drop. Still, the adventurers overcame the challenging foe and retrieved a magic amulet from around the neck of the skeleton. They also discovered a spell scroll of dispel magic, which they could use to access to the treasure tower.

They took a rest, during which Yewswitch attuned to the necklace and learned it to be an amulet of proof against detection and location, which Captain Vale wore so he could not be spied upon. The group assumed this to be the reason the island disappeared from history; no one could use magic to locate Captain Vale, so the island too was lost.

Also during their respite, Serret revealed to Arizma that her warlock patron had ordered her to kill the aboleth that controlled the island. Serret expressed concern that failing to kill the aboleth would result in her losing her connection to magic.

Arizma then slept for a while and was visited in her dreams by the elusive gold dragon, who introduced himself as Kayvani. The dragon affirmed that the treasure on the island belonged to him, but he offered to share if the adventurers defeated the aboleth, which he viewed as an enemy. Arizma realized Kayvani's request was a good cover story to kill the aboleth for Serret's patron. Kayvani warned, though, that the aboleth lived in an underground lake beneath the keep and that it would try to trick the party with illusions.

The group, now rested up, turned their search to the basement, where they hoped to find an entrance to the underground lake. They found a key and locked some kuo-toa — the aboleth's servants — in their sleeping chambers before coming upon a dungeon with kuo-toa locked behind bars. Serret, knowing the kuo-toa are insane, posed as the false goddess Blibdoolpoolp and convinced the kuo-toa that the aboleth was an imposter. The imprisoned kuo-to fell for Serret's deception and agreed to follow her into battle with the great monster.

Before they could fight, though, they needed to free the kuo-toa from their cages. While searching for the keys, they encountered the boss kuo-toa — which conjured an illusion of the aboleth to intimidate the group. The party saw through the illusion and defeated the powerful kuo-toa boss, then freed the captured kuo-toa. Now prepared to fight the aboleth for real, the party positioned itself with their army and prepared a descent to the underground lake.


  • ACTIVE: Sail to Palmwood to solve their problems
  • ACTIVE: Recover the lost treasure of Captain Vale
  • NEW: Defeat the aboleth


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